Impeccable double cosplay of Max and Chloe from Life is Strange brings you back memories

Cosplay of Disney's Ariel wants to be where the people are (1)

That first Life is Strange is one of them, even seven years after its release most emotional titles in the video game world. In our test in 2015, Dontnod also managed to captivate us in front of the screen with its deep characters and well-written dialogues. What followed was a prequel and numerous spin-offs that are still being continued today and celebrated their latest offshoot with Life is Strange: True Colors. With such a huge success, it is little wonder that to this day cosplay show up for the game.

flawless Max and Chloe cosplay from Life is Strange

The cosplayers ashenReina and iris shared pictures of their double cosplay of Max Caufield and Chloe Price from Life is Strange on Reddit. They paid attention to a number of small and large details. Starting with the Max shirt, on which a deer and the inscription “Jane” can be read, they have oriented themselves entirely to the original templates. But also them Polaroid camera of the young woman who takes her everywhere can be seen in the picture.

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The two put at least as much effort into the design of Chloe. Even they are like that tattoos in the right place for the blue-haired punk with a soft heart. The cosplay is rounded off by the Watercolor look of the image and the background, which is also strongly reminiscent of Max Zimmer.

Dontnod Entertainment – A success story

After the first game developed by Dotnod flopped, the young development studio was short-lived before the financial end. The developers were only able to release their second title “What if?” thanks to a generous subsidy from the French state. later “Life is Strange” in collaboration with Square Enix finance. What followed was the studio’s breakthrough, Life is Strange winning a whopping 75 Game of the Year Awards. Today, Dontnod is a multi-million euro corporation over 300 employees.