Pokemon Ultimate Journeys 136 trailer shows the perfect ending to Ash and Goh’s adventure Dexerto

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys 136 trailer shows the perfect ending to Ash and Goh's adventure Dexerto

Published: 2022-12-10T18:58:40

Updated: 2022-12-10T18:58:53

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is coming to a close, and Ash and Goh may be preparing to take on Lugia one last time before moving on to their next challenges.

Ash and Goh have been through many life-changing adventures since their first meeting in Pokemon Journeys. Goh has come to care about the bond between himself and his teammates, while Ash has risen to the position of World Champion after his incredible battle with Leon in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.

However, many have wondered what is in store for Ash and Goh now that their current adventures are coming to an end. Some fans have speculated that the two will continue to travel together in the Paldea region after confirmation that Ash will still be the lead in the series. Others believe that there could be a heartfelt goodbye in the next few episodes.

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Thankfully, the following Pokemon Ultimate Journeys preview trailer has aired, giving fans a sneak peek at episode 136. The video hints that the two will finally return to their first encounter together: the Legendary Pokemon Lugia.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys May Conclude With A Lugia Battle

In a Reddit post from mayorkalosfan, a video clip of the preview of episode 136 of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys has been shared. The post reads: “Satoshi and Go! Embark on a New Journey!! Preview plus special reveal.

The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys preview clip shows Ash and Goh together throwing Pokéballs before the video cuts to Lugia. His Pokemon are then seen working together in battle, though it’s unclear who his opponent is from the trailer.

Many fans are speculating that Ash and Goh will finally face off against Lugia, the legendary that brought them together at the beginning of the series. A fan comments, “Lugia brought Satoshi and Gou together. He now he sends them on their new adventure ”. At the same time, another adds: “Lugia’s appearance and the fight against Ash and Goh is really symbolic in a way.”

It’s unclear if this trailer for Pokemon Ultimate Journeys will be the battle that concludes Ash and Goh’s time together, but it’s certain that the two leads are about to embark on some of their most exciting adventures yet.

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