RTS tip Tempest Rising: Outlook on units and soundtrack

RTS tip Tempest Rising: Outlook on units and soundtrack

from Michael Miskulin
There are two new shows for Tempest Rising that should give players more insight into the staging of the real-time strategy title.

The developers of the real-time strategy hope Tempest Rising have released small, more developer details. They show a first unit in detail and also give fans another taste of the title’s soundtrack.

RTS Hope Tempest Rising: How important is single player?

Slipgate Ironworks developers are open Steam introduced the first infantry unit of the game in more detail. This is the GDF faction’s Field Scout, a highly effective ranged combat infantry soldier with an early warning system for tracer mines.

RTS tip Tempest Rising: Outlook on units and soundtrack”/>

RTS tip Tempest Rising: Outlook on units and soundtrack

Source: Slipgate Ironworks / THQ Nordic

The short post reads: “The backbone of GDF military might is the humble Field Scout. Professional and disciplined, the well-trained, lightly armored Rifle Infantry have long formed the basis of GDF’s conventional forces. Armed with long-range high-explosion rifles and computerized optics, the advanced Field Scout is a vital part of base reconnaissance and development, and in large numbers they can fill the ranks of any strike force, as they offer increased terrain visibility and are able to spot enemy movements nearby recognize.”

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in one further post the developers present a first complete track from the Tempest Rising soundtrack

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