WoW: Just before the start of Season 1 – DpS tier list for raids and dungeons

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from Philip Sattler
Next Wednesday (December 14th) the first season of WoW starts: Dragonflight. Then the raids and the Mythic Plus dungeons open. The theorycrafters have summarized which class will perform best in which content in two tier lists that we don’t want to withhold from you.

Next Wednesday, December 14th, the first two weeks of WoW: Dragonflight will be over and the first season will officially start. In practice, this mostly means that the new raid, the Vault of Incarnations, opens its gates. And the Mythic Plus dungeons also start in the first season.

It remains to be seen which classes will do well in the upcoming raid and the eight dungeons. Based on current data and the different talents and abilities of the classes, the theory crafters have already compiled an animal list. This does not show how much DpS the respective playgrounds will achieve, but rather how important and popular the specs will be in their opinion. In addition to DpS, important buffs and possible utility skills also play a major role.