4 hidden places in WoW Dragonflight that you probably don’t know yet

4 hidden places in WoW Dragonflight that you probably don't know yet

WoW Dragonflight is again full of secrets that are only gradually being discovered. MeinMMO shows you some special places that you can only discover if you look for them.

The new expansion Dragonflight has been playable since November 29, 2022. During that time, players have had many opportunities to explore the Dragon Islands. There are some special places to discover there, such as a club for singles – which you are not allowed to enter.

You will visit most places sooner or later for some quest, or simply because they are on the way. However, some special places are off the beaten path or you can only reach them if you perform certain actions.

I went on a search and I’ll introduce you to 4 places that you probably haven’t discovered yet.

You can find all information about Dragonflight in our special. Do you want to reach the hidden places more easily? Just take a friend with you in the new dragon riding feature:

WoW Dragonflight: Dragon flying for two – This is how you activate it

1. A relaxation lagoon with an underwater bar

To the north-west of the Awakening Coast lies the Hissing Grotto, where some residents of the islands and various dragons relax. You may have already seen the area itself at the reputation farms for Sabellian and Wrathion, as there is one of the dragons that you are supposed to find for the weekly quest “Dragon’s Eyes”.

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But if you go beyond the NPC and take a closer look at the water, you will find even more there. After a bold jump into the lagoon and a few meters of swimming, a bar opens up below you.

Not only does it let you breathe through bubbles, it’s run by Tortollans who will sell you drinks, and has a small dance floor and revelers to join.

By the way, if you wait a bit at the upper part of the grotto, you can start a quest for a secret pet, the cute little dragon Spyragos.

2. A secret disco in the middle of the capital

As the capital, Valdrakken again offers everything you need: bank, portals, auction house and an inn for your hearthstone. Right there, in the Roasted Billy Goat, is the next secret.

If you enter the tavern, you will find a “strange statue” in the back right corner behind the innkeeper that has your level. As you approach the statue, it will tell you, “You must show respect to enter.”

So do just that: use the “/bow” or “/bow” emote and you’ll be led to a secret back room, the Lair of the Dragon. There are heaps of treasures lying around there and you can place your hearthstone there if you want.

There are also special events, apparently on the hour. For example, I saw an armed duel between 2 NPCs and another player called a party where the guests danced in the middle of the room with disco balls from the 80s and colored lights:

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3. A winter wonderland with Tuskarr children at play

A little further south, on the coast of the Azure Mountains, you can enjoy winter time all year round. On the small island just west of the Azur Archives, some Tuskarr kids are meeting to play and you can join in.

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Here you can have snowball fights with the little ones, go tobogganing or build snowmen – which even gives you the success: “Do you want to build a snowman?”. I already found the island in the alpha test and was really delighted.

4. Yennu’s tree house

The last special place that caught my eye was a tree house on the Awakening Coast. For the quest to find the hidden pet Spyragos, you need to visit little Turskarr Yennu’s tree house in the north.

The place is already idyllic, apart from the elite proto-dragon in the background. But what makes it so special is the structure: You can not only reach the tree house by flying, but also by climbing.

Boards are nailed to the trunk of the tree, which act as a real ladder. The rungs can be climbed by jumping and you will eventually reach the top, where you can buy useful gliders, find alcohol and little Yennu’s kite. But he gives it to you because he has enough others – although he was so sad about it before.

Which hidden places have you already found, which do you think are the coolest? Leave us a comment and tell us what you’ve discovered in Dragonflight!

If you prefer to spend your time in the new capital Valdrakken, you should be careful though. A new plague has appeared and is spreading there:

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