Activision “nerfts” CoD skin – players want money back

Activision "nerfts" CoD skin - players want money back

The LA Thieves skin or Roze 4.0 quickly climbed the Steam sales charts after its release. The reason? The skin was almost entirely black, allowing players to hide in dark corners extremely effectively. But after complaints had rained down, the decision was made Activision to “nerf” the skin. Basically, the design was simply changed and now players with this skin are much more visible. But not everyone likes the colorful stripes on the redesign. Many players apparently bought the €10 skin precisely because it gave them an advantage in the game. Malicious tongues even called the unfair advantages of the ninja-style design “pay-to-win”. This is exactly why many players want their money back, because the new design no longer offers any multiplayer advantages.

Many older players felt transported back to a similar debacle in Warzone 1, where an early version of the same skin offered the same gameplay benefits. Despite the improved graphics and better lighting conditions in Warzone 2.0 the Roze skin also offered advantages here due to reduced visibility. The colored highlights in the revised design now counteract this.

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