AMD RDNA 3: Gigabyte Launches AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards

AMD RDNA 3: Gigabyte Launches AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 Series Graphics Cards

from Maximilian Hohm
Gigabyte has now officially presented five models with AMD’s new RDNA 3 graphics chips, which should be launched in the near future. These include the Aorus Elite 7900XTX, an absolute high-end model, two MBA cards and two models from the gaming OC series. Therefore, read more about the cards and their unique selling points below.

After we have already reported on the first leaked product images of Gigabyte’s new RX 7900 models, Gigabyte has now officially presented them so that they could be available in time for the market launch. The manufacturer will launch five different models, some of which correspond to the Made-by-AMD design (MBA) and some are custom models in different hierarchical levels. The flagship will undoubtedly be the Aorus Radeon RX 7900 XTX Elite 24G.

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It features the latest iteration of the Windforce cooling system with three partially counter-rotating fans that are illuminated and a newly designed vapor chamber that is in direct contact with the GPU. There are also copper heat pipes for fast heat dissipation. As befits its status, the Aorus Elite has a dual BIOS with OC and silent mode without software intervention. With the graphics card comes RGB Halo, the latest version of the illuminated graphics card fans that support ARGB and can be adjusted to your own taste.

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In the high-end model, particularly high-quality and durable components are to be installed, which Gigabyte points out in the context of its ultra-durable seal. The power supply is said to be very generous, although this is not specified in more detail, and a metal backplate and a graphics card support are part of the model, which can offer a four-year guarantee after registration. Gigabyte is also introducing the Radeon RX 7900XT and RX 7900XTX MBA models for the launch. That’s AMD’s name for reference cards and they’re built accordingly. Gigabyte has not disclosed any further information in this regard either, so we can wait for the test results on Tuesday.

The gaming OC models of the Radeon RX 7900 and RX 7900XTX also want to be placed in the middle. These should be able to deliver a good compromise between stability and performance at low volume. In addition, they also rely on a revised Windforce cooler, which, however, is significantly simpler than in the Aorus Elite model. Gigabyte advertises the new Graphene Nano lubrication of the fans, which should significantly increase the lifespan and still offers RGB lighting, a metal backplate and a graphics card holder. The Gaming OC models also have two DP 2.1 and two HDMI 2.1 ports, eliminating the need for Type-C on MBA cards. Regarding the prices, one has kept a low profile so far, but more should be known by Tuesday at the latest.

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