As if straight out of a Ghibli film: Europa promises a mysterious adventure with a breathtaking world

On Jupiter's moon Europa, secrets are waiting to be discovered by us.

On Jupiter’s moon Europa, secrets are waiting to be discovered by us.

Genre: Action, adventure, indie Developer: Hero Pinto Platforms: PC (console versions to come) release: 2023

The action adventure Europe does not take place on the planet Earth’s continent of the same name, but on the moon of Jupiter that bears the same name. The project has been with since 2017 Hero Pinto in development, who served as Blizzard’s Principal Art Lead on games like Overwatch 2. In the following game presentation we will tell you why the game is worth a look.

That’s what Europe is about

A peaceful paradise has emerged on Jupiter’s moon Europa, boasting beautiful scenery. But ruins can be found all over the moon, testifying to a lost civilization.

So it’s up to us to explore Europe and solve puzzles to solve the mystery of the last living human. For this we slip into the role of the android Zee, with whose upgradable Zephyr jetpack we can fly over the moon’s surface.

Here you can see the first trailer for Europe:

Europe: Reveal trailer invites us into a lost world with lots of Ghibli charm


Europe: Reveal trailer invites us into a lost world with lots of Ghibli charm

That is what is special about Europe

The lunar surface is dotted with lakes, meadows and mountains. The look is strongly reminiscent of the largely hand-drawn Ghibli films by maker Hayao Miyazaki. In particular, the robots overgrown with moss that can be found in the ruins and paint the landscape remind us strongly of the Ghibli film “Castle in the Sky”.

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Europe describes itself as a peaceful and meditative adventure. So don’t expect big fights. Instead, the focus should be on the relationship between man and nature. An intimate coming-of-age story awaits us as well.

Who is Europe for?

Europa is suitable for all those who want to experience a peaceful gaming session. The landscape invites you to dream and lets you escape from everyday stress. So if you are looking for a relaxed game after work, you have come to the right place.

Currently only a PC version for 2023 has been announced. According to the developer, console versions will follow, but more information on this will only be available in the coming weeks.

GamePro assessment

Jasmin Beverungen

The beautiful landscape of Europe immediately cast a spell over me. I’m a huge fan of the Ghibli movies, so the visuals of the game immediately caught my attention. In the first pictures you can see many interesting places that lure with puzzles and invite me to explore.

If I’m too exhausted from the day for an evening and don’t feel like action-packed banging, I’ll happily devote myself to this relaxing adventure. I’m already looking forward to diving into the world of Europa and spending a few hours of peaceful gameplay. However, it remains to be seen how long the mysteries of Europa can keep me entertained.

Now it’s your turn: What is your opinion on the Europe game?