Female Deadpool: watch out, cosplayer shoots sharply!

Life is Strange's Max and Chloe's flawless double cosplay takes you back memories (1)

With its diverse characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe offers countless opportunities to become one exciting cosplay to be inspired. And the fact that in 2019 Disney opened the film studio 21st Century Fox bought for a whopping 71 billion, significantly increases the already rich pool of Marvel heroes. With this takeover namely migrated the rights to the X-Men under the jurisdiction of Marvel Studios under Kevin Feige. And among those X-Men is Deadpool, a once little-known mutant who became world-famous thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds in the role of his life

When Deadpool hit theaters in 2016, a lifelong dream came true for Ryan Reynolds. The Hollywood star had to wait a long time to make a movie about the rather unknown opponent from Marvel’s X-Men fight. His courage was to be rewarded: thanks to a ludicrous and equally sophisticated marketing strategy, the superhero film was a huge hit.

Despite an R rating, which is the age rating in Germany “FSK from 18” corresponds, the anti-hero film was able to bring in a terrific 782 million US dollars at the worldwide box office. Most superhero movies come with one PG-13 Rating (in Germany “FSK ab 12”) approved, which increases the number of potential cinema-goers many times over. In Germany Deadpool could be seen from the age of 16 despite explicit violence and rough language.

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After an equally successful second part, Deadpool 3 was announced a few weeks ago. Ryan Reynolds was able to wow fans with none other than Hugh Jackman in his iconic Role as Wolverine win for the continuation of the sequel. Since the antihero is now also part of the MCU, it will be interesting to see to what extent Marvel’s superhero universe will be corrupted in the new Deadpool film.

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Cosplayer poses as a female Deadpool

How about if in another timeline of the multiverse a female Deadpool would exist? Apparently, cosplayer Lovisa also asked herself this question. She recently wowed readers of PC Games as Disney Princess Ariel in an elaborate pink dress.