Is Superman Coming Back To The Movies? James Gunn comments on Twitter

No Man of Steel 2?  Henry Cavill sequel allegedly canceled (1)

We recently reported that an often suspected sequel to Man of Steel has since been scrapped. This is said to be related to the new dual leadership of DC Studios, which consists of James Gunn and Peter Safran. The former has not commented on these reports per se, but on the future of the Superman brand in general. After all, it’s difficult to say from the outside what’s actually supposed to happen next with the DC icon.

Superman back in cinemas

Gunn had one for the 44th anniversary of the Superman movie tweet posted. Under this same he was asked if we again movie will see around the character. “Yes of course. Superman is a big, if not the biggest, priority for us“, so Gunn in his answer. Unsurprisingly, a large number of suggestions and wishes from the fans collected under the tweet. The name kept coming up Henry Cavillwhose future in the DC cosmos also seems unclear at the moment.

To what extent Gunn and Safran will include such statements and wishes in their calculations for a DCU is difficult to assess from the outside. In any case, it is clear that a lot has been planned for the brand. The question now is how this will be implemented. Man of Steel 2, for example, was still an idea of ​​the former DC squad. It remains to be seen what the Gunn-Safran dual leadership will offer us in the future.

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