Joker 2: First photo shows battered Joaquín Phoenix in Arkham Asylum

The picture shows a scary horror clown with a knife in his hand.

Joker was one of the big surprises of the cinema year 2019. It was clear among film experts from the outset that the grotesque clown was by far the most popular Batman’s antagonist acts. The staging, which can almost be attributed to the art house, and the lack of a superhero gave hope for a respectable success for this courageous project. Ultimately, Joker broke the magic mark of $ 1 billion in box office earnings – and became the first film with a R rating at all. Director Todd Philipps’ film was nominated an incredible 11 times for the 2020 Oscars. At the end of the awards ceremony, Joaquín Phoenix received the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Joker 2: A Musical Starring Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

This news caused quite a stir: In contrast to the DC Entended Universe, in which Margot Robbie acts as Joker’s playmate Harley Quinn, none other than world star Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, will take on the iconic role in the alternative Batman universe of Joker.

In addition, it should be the sequel with the euphonious title Joker: Folie a Deux be a genuine musical. Due to the immense success of part 1, this decision should mainstream audience duly hit in the head. But filmmaker Todd Philipps seems willing to be daring film project to pull through.

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Joker 2: First official picture appeared on Instagram

Completely unimpressed by the DC cancellation storm and the quarrels about the new Superman film with ex-Witcher Henry Cavill, which fans are longing for, the shooting of the sequel to Joker apparently started. Appropriately posted Filmmaker Todd Phillips the first official photo of Joker 2 on Instagram.

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It should send a shiver down the spine of all fans of the first part. Will be shown Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck being shaved by an apparently male person. The clothes suggest a keeper of the notorious Arkham Asylum shut down. Psychiatry is home to all of the not at large super villains and antagonists in the lore of the Batman universe. It is rumored that much of the plot of joker 2 play in this facility.