“Like you’re playing Pokémon in a Metroid world” – Steam game with 92% positive reviews is on sale


The Monster Sanctuary game on Steam is a mix of different elements, such as monster taming, platformers and pixel art. The game is very popular among players with 92% positive ratings. In addition, it is currently on sale and is offered at around half the price.

What game is Monster Sanctuary? Monster Sanctuary is a side-scrolling RPG with a pixelated world inspired by the Metroidvania sub-genre.

The genre name is made up of the two well-known game titles Metroid and Castlevania. This refers to 2D games whose gameplay consists of side scrollers and platform elements. In addition, it is characteristic of them that you can explore worlds, but can only visit parts of them after learning a certain skill.

Here’s a trailer for Monster Sanctuary:

Monster Sanctuary – New Game Plus Trailer

Reminiscent of Pokémon with platform elements

What is the gameplay like in Monster Sanctuary? At the beginning of the game, you first choose a starting monster to start the journey with. As the game progresses you collect more and more little animals – you can get up to 111 different monsters.

You explore the vast areas of the game together with your monsters. You can count on the support of your companions both in and outside of the fight and fly through the air with them, for example.

You can also train the monsters. Each animal has its own abilities and a skill tree that you can gradually customize. In addition, you have to solve puzzles and face platform challenges in the game world.

The game also has a PvP mode where you can gamble against other players online and pit your monsters against each other. You have to use your attacks strategically in order to increase their efficiency through various effects.

How do players rate Monster Sanctuary? On Steam, 92% of the total of 6,207 reviews account for good ratings, which means that the game performs very positively overall (as of December 09, 2022, via Steam).

Players write in the reviews that the game combines different elements from various other games:

“Like you’re playing Pokemon in a Metroid world, that’s what you get when you play Monster Sanctuary. Excellent RPG game, with a not-so-original combat mechanic, nice aesthetics for a retro-like game, and a very challenging difficulty for a game that’s not impossible to beat. 7/10”.

“It’s a very, very good monster catching game and platformer that’s really fresh and unique. And I absolutely love the RPG style skill trees. This makes playing it your own way a truly individual experience. Plus, it has some of the best starters I’ve seen in a non-Pokemon game so far!”

“It’s a surprisingly deep game. It challenges you throughout the gameplay and you have to adapt to the circumstances at all times. […] The jump and run aspect of the game was fun even though I’m not a huge fan of the genre. The graphics are what you can expect from an 8-bit game. There is a lot of content and it took me almost 60 hours to play through the game. […]” .

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How much is Monster Sanctuary on Steam? You get the normal game version for €19.99. However, the Deluxe Edition bundle is currently on sale with a 66% discount. That’s why you currently pay €10.19 instead of €29.99.

In addition to the game, a digital book that serves as a monster guide and the soundtrack of the game are included. The special offer runs until December 19, 2022.

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