Mod for TES Skyrim: “Warden of The Coast” with a new quest line

Mod for TES Skyrim: "Warden of The Coast" with a new quest line

from Tim Rantzau
Skyrim thrives on its countless mostly hilarious NPC’s that follow the players at every turn. The newly released mod “Warden of the Coast” expands the game with a new quest line, interesting locations and companions and is based on the gameplay mechanics of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. For this, 27 people spoke more than 9,000 lines of dialogue text.

In Skyrim there are a lot of NPC’s that follow the player and carry his burdens or just stand in one place until they are finally spoken to. Usually their personality and behavior in the game world is not really mature. Some of the best Skyrim mods have taken on this topic and add voiced companions to the gaming experience. This also applies to the Warden of the Coast Mod by Gabriel Johnson, better known online as TheBawb, which was released on December 2nd, 2022. The mod is only suitable for the Skyrim Special Edition and expands the main game with a new quest line, locations and nine companions.

Warden of the Coast’s plot sends players to an island where the gates to Oblivion have opened. That is why the Dremora must be fought and the Daedric Lord behind all of this must be prevented from carrying out his plans. According to Johnson, it takes a good 10 to 15 hours to reach one of the five endings of the new story. The story of the mod begins after completing the quest “The Way of the Voice”. The gameplay is based on Bioware titles such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

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Each of the new companions has their own loyalty quest and thanks to 27 hard-working voice actors, Warden of the Coast contains more than 9,000 lines of recorded dialogue. Three of the companions can accompany the player at any time in the style of Dragon Age and have their own abilities and attributes. With some of them it is even possible to enter into a relationship. A planned update will also allow any Warden of the Coast companion with whom the character has a romance to become a potential marriage partner after players complete the mod’s questline.

Source: Gabriel Johnson on YouTube