Nintendo Switch OLED and Co. now on sale thanks to an eBay voucher

Nintendo Switch OLED and Co. now on sale thanks to an eBay voucher

On there is currently a voucher for a 10 percent discount of up to 50 euros, which, among other things, makes the Nintendo Switch OLED cheaper.

The price is so good: With the voucher code to be entered when ordering HANDING OUT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS is what the Switch OLED currently costs in the well-known sbdirect24 eBay shop only 314.10 euros instead of 349 eurosfree shipping.

According to the price comparison, it currently costs at least 329 euros elsewhere and the voucher also current best prices for the standard model and the limited Mario edition reached the console.

Cheaper than for 260.10 euros and 269.95 euros the console in the two variants is currently nowhere listed (after discount and with shipping).

Now for the Nintendo Switch (OLED) on eBay

Now for the Nintendo Switch (Standard) on eBay

Now for the Nintendo Switch (Mario) on eBay

This is what the Nintendo Switch OLED offers

While the Mario edition differs from the standard model only in terms of colors and the included bag, the OLED version has a number of advantages:

  • Larger 7-inch screen with particularly colorful and high-contrast OLED panel (instead of the 6.2-inch LCD in the standard model)
  • the switch dock now has a LAN port
  • More stable, wide kickstand for setting up and playing in tabletop mode on a table or similar.
  • 64 GB of hard disk instead of 32 GB in the standard model
  • improved audio reproduction thanks to new speakers
  • instead of a black and gray version, there is now a black and white color variant in addition to blue/red
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Nintendo Switch OLED on eBay

More offers

Apart from that, you can use the voucher code, which is still valid until December 21st HANDING OUT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS currently you can also dust off other electronic items at a reduced price, which can be found on the overview page for the campaign:

Now for the action on eBay

Other current hardware and software offerswhere themselves can save properlycan also be found on our deals overview page.

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