One of Destiny 2’s most popular SMGs is back and stronger than ever – Here’s how to build your God-Roll


With Season 19, Destiny 2 has brought one of its most popular MPs back to life with new perks. We’ll show you what makes the IKELOS_MP_V1.0.3 so strong now, where you get it from and what its god roll is.

What is this weapon? This is about the IKELOS-MP-V1.0.3, a new version of the MP, which now drops with an original perk and can even be built in the armory if enough blueprints have been collected.

Many Guardians remember them from the Season 10 days, when Warmind Cells took over the meta and destroyed all enemies with explosions in a huge radius. As these were nerfed, other submachine guns took over the rankings, and the Ikelos SMG fell into obscurity—until now.

New perks and the fact that players can now build them makes the SMG popular again. We will therefore show you which Rolls are the best and where you can farm them for blueprints.

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This is how you build your God-Roll for the Ikelos SMG

How can I farm the weapon? In order to generally farm the new versions of the Ikelos weapons, you have various options, but one is particularly efficient.

Start the story mission “The Investigation” and complete it 4 times until you reach your maximum carrying capacity of 2000 Seraph Keycodes. You can speed up the process if you swap final stage checkpoints back and forth among your teammates.

The throne world is waiting to be farmed

After that, go to the new heist playlist and open both boxes at the end of the activity. You do this repeatedly until you no longer have any Seraph key codes. Opening these chests grants you a set amount of Resonance Logs each time.

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After that, go to the Resonance AMP in your inventory and use your Resonance Stems to craft Override Frequencies and then use them in Seraph Nodes.

These nodes will then give you weapons and even give you a chance to get red-rimmed weapons. All you have to do now is repeat the process until you have received enough blueprints.

These are the god rolls: We have made a total of two god rolls that players can use in PvE and PvP.

You should select the following perks:

  • PvE
    • Chambered compensator
    • Seraph Orbs
    • binge eating
    • voltage shot
  • PvP
    • small bore
    • Improved projectiles
    • perpetual motion machine
    • rangefinder

Note that you have to disassemble the IKELOS_MP_v1.0.3 a total of five times with a red border before you are able to build it according to your needs. That was all the info on Rasputin’s newly refreshed SMG. Do you like the weapon and what do you think of the new perk “Voltage Shot”, which chains your opponents with Arcus? Please leave us a comment!