Portal RTX: RTX 4000 cubes and QR codes with more Easter Eggs

Portal RTX: RTX 4000 cubes and QR codes with more Easter Eggs

from Maximilian Hohm
The Youtuber “2kliksphilip” has summarized the Easter Eggs of Portal RTX in a video. QR codes are hidden throughout the game, which have various effects on the dice that are central to the game. Some turn this into an RTX 4000 cube, while others add a lens to it. Therefore, read more about the Easter Eggs in the game below.

Portal RTX is one of the latest titles to offer Nvidia’s DLSS 3.0 upscaling technology and ray tracing. At the same time, there are the hit puzzles and brain teasers that the original games are known and loved for. In order to stay true to the title, Nvidia’s developers have not only overhauled the look of the title and brought it up to date, but also hidden QR codes as cheat codes in the title. However, these only change the look of the cubes and turn them into RTX 4000 cubes, which are based on the current graphics cards.

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The large axial fan that also adorns and cools the Geforce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 is shown on the cubes, while the GPU with Nvidia lettering is mounted on the other side of the cube. In addition, there is apparently a biblical power consumption, because the cube offers two 12VHPWR connections, each of which could transmit 600 watts. The codes were compiled in a video by the Youtuber “2kliksphilip”.

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Among other things, it also shows a dusty RTX 4090 next to a QR code, a fate that no hardware that expensive should share. The QR codes are distributed in various places in the game and are shown in the video. In addition to those that turn the cubes into Nvidia cubes, there are also codes that change them into some kind of large glass lens, while still other codes make the cubes equipped with a camera. The RTX update is free for all Portal owners and can be downloaded anytime in Steam.

Source: 2clicksphilip & Videocardz