Raja Koduri: Buyers want affordable graphics cards with decent power consumption

Raja Koduri: Buyers want affordable graphics cards with decent power consumption

from Maximilian Hohm
Intel’s head of graphics division, Raja Koduri, sees a power consumption of 200 to 225 watts and decent prices for graphics cards as a recipe for success. In his opinion, these cards appeal to a broader range of buyers and cover a market that Intel sees itself in at the moment and with the upcoming Battlemage models. Read more about this below.

Intel has to pursue a different strategy than AMD and Nvidia in the GPU market at the moment and will probably continue to do so in the years to come. While these two companies have decades of experience in driver development and optimization and can play to that, Intel still has some issues in this regard. Intel is also not competitive in the high-end sector or has no product up its sleeve. In a new interview, Intel’s head of graphics, Raja Koduri, confirms the direction of the company and explains the strategy.

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According to him, Intel is currently focusing on graphics cards that are not in the performance regions, but also in the power consumption regions of an AMD Radeon RX 7900XTX or Geforce RTX 4090. Instead, the focus is on how much performance you can get from the given 200 to 225 watts that you allow the Arc cards. This power consumption window is important because it can often be covered with a single eight-pin connector and does not require new or particularly powerful power supplies.

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Especially in this area GPUs are interesting for the masses of gamers and something above and below you would also like to offer some products. Koduri addressed a valid point in the interview with Gadgets360 and believes that the majority of customers want to buy an affordable and powerful graphics card that is not difficult to cool. You want this claim with models like the Arc A750 and the Arc A770, which are used in the PCGH price comparison 318 respectively 399 euros cost, fulfill.

Especially with Battlemage, the upcoming GPU series, which is expected in 2023, you want to serve this area again and sell large quantities of graphics cards at interesting prices. Although a power consumption budget of 200 to 225 watts cannot supply high-end graphics cards, this is an interesting power consumption window that can be easily provided by most PCs. So let us know in the comments whether you share Raja Koduri’s assessment and prefer graphics cards in this area to models like the Geforce RTX 4090.

Source: Tom’s hardware