Removed Zelda documentary on Youtube by Nintendo

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Nintendo’s more or less popular approach to the subject copyright is known in many places. But despite the frequent criticism of preventing fan projects this pattern continues. A current example is a video on the English-language YouTube channel “DidYouKnowGaming“. It was about a pitch for the Zelda series, which Retro Studios made to Nintendo almost two decades ago. But if you try to watch the video on the channel now, you will find that the video has now been taken offline. Due to a “Copyright Takedown Notice” by Nintendo of America the video is currently unavailable. There is also a copyright strike for the channel.

Youtube and Nintendo

The channel has since released a statement strongly criticizing Nintendo’s action: “This is an attempt by a major corporation to silence any journalism it doesn’t like and a slap in the face to video game history preservation“The operator said in a statement.

The support for the channel was great on platforms like Youtube or Twitter. Wccftech emphasizes that straight Youtube channels have struggled with Nintendo’s copyright claims in the past. This year, for example, we too have received complaints about the large number of complaints from the company regarding YouTube uploads of their soundtrack reported. Nevertheless, “DidYouKnowGaming” is currently looking for other ways to publish the video.