Retro shooter Ultrakill gets new feature, now supports sex toys

Retro shooter Ultrakill gets new feature, now supports sex toys

from Sarah Petzold
A new mod from the developers of Ultrakill now expands the retro shooter with a very special new feature: the game now also supports sex toys. How this works exactly, we summarize in our news.

The developers of the retro shooter Ultrakill have come up with a special measure to get their game talked about: The team has released a free mod for the Early Access title, with which the game will also support sex toys in the future. The software on which the UKbutt mod is based and which goes by the resourceful name, allows you to link to the appropriate devices, which then vibrate – depending on what is happening in the game.

A joke becomes a recipe for success

Once players have installed the mod, the sex toy will automatically vibrate whenever the image shakes, a weapon is fired, the character performs special movements such as slides and dashes, and when players navigate the menu. The mod was created as an answer to a joke by Youtuber Shammy, who wanted such a feature for Ultrakill just for fun.

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Dave Oshry, CEO of Ultrakill publisher New Blood, said on Twitter:
“To this day I can’t tell you why the Ultrakill fanbase is so goddamn awesome, but I’m in. At no point when we tested or discussed the game with Hakita or anyone else did we go, ‘Oh, they’re going to want to have sex’. But congratulations on the sex”.

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The update with sex toy support is available as a free download on Github to disposal. The mod is definitely well received on Steam and gives the Early Access title an extremely positive rating. While one fan is disappointed that he still can’t date Gabriel but at least he can “sex”, another is happy about the climax that the game has given him. Ultrakill currently costs 21 euros in Early Access on Steam. Those who are undecided can try out the title with a free demo.

Source: PC gamers