RTX 4090: EVGA sells the prototype – by auction

RTX 4090: EVGA sells the prototype - by auction

from Julius Bald
Nvidia’s longtime board partner EVGA has announced that a prototype of the RTX 4090 will be up for sale via auction. The profit from this auction goes to a good cause. However, the corresponding ebay page is currently not accessible.

It was one of the big news in the graphics card sector this year when board partner EVGA announced that it would no longer sell graphics cards from Nvidia in the future (we reported). One of the most important reasons was the margin development, which probably looks anything but rosy for Nvidia’s partners. What is interesting in the case of EVGA, however, is the fact that the first prototypes of the latest high-end graphics cards have already been developed.

RTX 4090: EVGA prototype is in the five-digit range

A few weeks ago, videos appeared that clearly showed prototypes of the RTX 4090. Ultimately, however, these graphics cards were never to see the light of day. But if you are interested in these prototypes, you could be happy about the following message. EVGA has announced that a prototype RTX 4090 will be available for sale via auction. However, there is a catch: only US citizens can bid on the graphics card – EU citizens unfortunately get nothing.

The latest reading was that the auction was at approximately $13,100 with six days remaining. It can therefore be assumed that the final price will be significantly higher again. So only absolute enthusiasts and collectors come into question here. Now she can ebay auction site can no longer be called. By the way, the proceeds from this auction should go to a good cause. The profit will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to support research into cures for life-threatening diseases.

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Source: ebay via Jayztwocents