Sunday Question: Which Game Awards 22 announcement is your favorite? [Ergebnis] – News

Sunday Question: Which Game Awards 22 announcement is your favorite? [Ergebnis] - News


Various new titles were presented to the public at the Game Awards 2022. Which of them arouses your interest the most?

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update with the result:

Among the games in the selection, the largest production prevails: Death Stranding 2 is at the top with 17 percent. In second place is the trust placed in Ken Levin is set, because that is very Bioshock remembering Judas comes second with 15 percent. Just behind follows hades 2 with 14 percent. All other titles and the other option are clearly in the single digits. However, there were also around a third of the survey participants who were among the two Game Awards announced titles didn’t find anything in their loot scheme.

None of the announcements appeal to me 34%
Death Stranding 2 17%
Judas 15%
hades 2 14%
Armored Core 6 – Fires of Rubicon 6%
Other 6%
Valiant Hearts – Coming Home 4%
Banishers – Ghosts of New Eden 3%
Remnant 2 2%

Original text:
Both Game Awards 2022 there were plenty of trailers with a few awards in between. Included were first gameplay impressions of titles such as Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine 2 or other news like the approximate release date of Baldur’s Gate 3.

There were also all kinds of announcements of new titles, with big names like Death Stranding 2 and hades 2 or the new game from Ken Levin some announcements soon threaten to be lost in the chaos of trailers, like the spooky new action RPG from Dontnod Banishers – Ghosts of New Eden or the sequel to the hit Soulslike shooter Remnant – From the Ashes (in the user article). In today’s Sunday question, you can tell us which of the games announced during the event arouses the most interest in you. As always, you are invited to share the thoughts behind your answer in the poll in the comments column.

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You can cast your vote for the Sunday question until Monday at 09:00 in the poll linked below – if you change your mind, you can still log in another answer until then. We will then close the survey and present you with the resulting opinion a little later in the form of a news update. The link to the overview of the more than 300 Sunday questions can be found below under “Sources”.