The Game Awards 2022: Bill Clinton Mod for Elden Ring in the works

The Game Awards 2022: Bill Clinton Mod for Elden Ring in the works

from Julius Bald
A group of modders has set itself the task of adding former US President Bill Clinton as a playable character to Elden Ring. The background is a curious appearance by a player during the Game Awards 2022. The modification is currently not yet approved for the general public.

Elden Ring from the house of the Japanese developer studio From Software is definitely one of the most important video games of 2022. The jurors of The Game Awards 2022, who chose Elden Ring as Game of the Year, apparently thought so too. The event took place a few days ago and series creator Miyazaki took the stage in person to accept the award and thank him for the vote. But then something unforeseen happened.

Elden Ring: Modders create copy of Bill Clinton

Shortly after Miyazaki finished his acceptance speech, a boy approached the microphone and said the following: “I want to thank everyone and say I think I want to nominate my Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton for this award. Thank you everyone.” What this short speech is all about is still not entirely clear to this day. What is certain is that the boy is an activist and, as he later explains in an interview, did not want to send any anti-Semitic or right-wing extremist messages. Instead, he simply couldn’t think of a better person than Bill Clinton.

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In the aftermath of that quirky moment, the community around Elden Ring is