Win high-quality sound hardware from Creative with a total value of 600 euros!

Win high-quality sound hardware from Creative with a total value of 600 euros!

Finally weekend! But not only that, because today you can expect something decent for your ears. There is something new to win every day until December 24th. Don’t worry if you forget a day: You can take part in all competitions in the advent calendar until December 26th, which is the second day after Christmas.

Today there is a high-quality package from Creative! You can win a brand new soundbar, a popular external sound card or the brand’s latest gaming headset. In total, the prize has a value of 600 euros!

Creative’s Sound Blaster Katana V2X gaming soundbar was released just a few days ago.

On the one hand we have the latest gaming soundbar from Creative, which was only released a few days ago: The Sound Blaster Katana V2X. This hardware also includes the popular Super X-Fi technology and high-quality audio dynamics. It takes over the triple reinforced design of its predecessor and goes one better with the new, matt black design. There’s also an updated list of comprehensive connectivity options, an integrated microphone and 68% more power. In retail it would cost 309.99 euros.

Creative SXFI AIR GAMER is the current gaming headset top model in the store. With the CommanderMic, the microphone in the headset has an integrated pop filter. Further improvements are provided by the new SXFI inPerson®, which effectively distinguishes voices from ambient noise and focuses on noise suppression, making speech more prominent. You can also operate your headset by touch and change the colors on the sides as you wish with RGB light rings. This headset has a value of 139.99 euros.

Creative’s SXFI AIR GAMER is the perfect headset for gaming, listening to music or watching movies.

As a third party we would have that Sound Blaster X4, a USB DAC/external sound card that would cost €149.99 without our competition. This is the latest and most popular gaming DAC from Creative. The external Sound Blaster sound cards impress with their compact performance. X4 can also be easily controlled at the push of a button. Thanks to the Super X-Fi headphone holography, this small device can even emulate an entire recording studio in the headphones!

The Sound Blaster X4 is one of the most popular sound cards for gamers.

If you are now curious about the hardware: You can find more gaming equipment from Creative at the official website.

Creative Sound Bundle 11.12.22

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