WoW: Affliction Warlock Guide – Dragonflight endgame at level 70

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As in previous expansions, the Affliction Warlock in WoW cuts a fine figure in endgame instances. Finally, this Warlock specialization relies on Damage over Time (“DoT”), making it easy to take care of enemies chasing him through the arena. After all, the damage keeps ticking while other classes often have to stand still for skill use and thus attacks. Here are some tips to help you triumph in the first Dragonflight raid, Dungeon of Incarnations and Mythic+ dungeons.

Why has the class guide become shorter? In celebration of the Dragonflight release with its new talent trees, we’re overhauling our guides from the ground up. So that you have the most important information in the endgame in the meantime, there is a short version for level 70. This guide will therefore be expanded to include other, more in-depth details in the future.