WoW: Neutral Pandaren “Doubleagent” reaches level 70 – has never seen the Dragon Islands

WoW: Neutral Pandaren "Doubleagent" reaches level 70 - has never seen the Dragon Islands

Once again, “The Legend” has achieved its goal in World of Warcraft. Double agent is level 17 and needed almost 12 days.

There are many heroes in World of Warcraft, but some are better known than others. One of the biggest legends is “Doubleagent”. This is a pandaren who just can’t make up his mind whether to join the Horde or the Alliance.

For this reason, he ekes out his existence on the starting island of the pandaren and levels up there in an unusual way. Now his journey has once again come to a temporary end – because Doubleagent has reached level 70.

How did Doubleagent level? Because Doubleagent refuses to join either the Horde or the Alliance, he is stuck on the pandaren starting island forever. The only reliable sources of experience points are gathering herbs and ores.

Each time Doubleagent mines one of these materials, it awards a small amount of experience points. So he slowly paved the way to level 70.

How long did it all take? It’s only been about 12 days since Dragonflight was launched, so leveling was comparatively “quick”. However, Doubleagent did not give an exact hour.

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The current, complete playing time of Doubleagent is 212 days and 22 hours – that alone is a considerable amount. Many other WoW players will also have this on their characters – but they will have experienced significantly more variety than Doubleagent.

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But it should be said that the Doubleagent player usually does other things on the side, such as watching series. Gathering herbs and ores usually requires very little attention.

This is partly due to the fact that he has perfected his farming route in recent years, but also because the enemies in the starting area cannot counter a pandaren at level 70 at all.

Doubleagent has already received several awards: Over the years, Doubleagent has inspired many copycats who also just wanted to level in a rather unusual way.

But only Doubleagent had the stamina to do this over and over again and thus became one of the most well-known WoW characters. Blizzard also knew how to honor this in a certain way and immortalized it several times as an allusion:

  • In the Monks (Legion) Hall, a pandaren can be seen running around in the background picking ores and herbs.
  • In Hearthstone, the allusion is less subtle. There is the card “Doubleagent” – a pandaren wearing both the Alliance and Horde tabards.

Could you imagine leveling a character this way? Or is it just crazy that Doubleagent still uses this method years later?