WoW WotLK Classic: How to get ready for Phase 2 and Ulduar now

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Sometime in the first quarter of 2023, Phase 2 of WoW (buy now ): Start Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Also included: the first daily hub for the Argent Tournament in Icecrown, the new Titan Rune dungeons and the Ulduar raid instance. The good news: For all this content you don’t need any Attunement quest lines or any resistance clothes that you have to laboriously farm. In other words, unlike the second phase of Burning Crusade Classic, for example, there is currently no homework that you should definitely do. Nevertheless, we want to give you some recommendations in this guide that, if you follow them now, can save you gold, time and/or frustration in the second phase. Here we go!

Get your characters in shape!

First the Nobrainer recommendation so we can get that out of the way: Prepare your main character and any alts you plan to actively play in WotLK Classic for Stage 2. The PTR is already making it clear that Ulduar will be a very different caliber to Naxxramas, the Eye of Eternity, and Obsidian Sanctum. The better your heroes are equipped (even with the second skill), the easier it will be for you to progress in the Titan Fortress. Plus: Blizzard brings on December 13, 2022 the XP buff Sweeping Voyages backwhich grants you 50 percent more experience points from all sources.

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In addition: Even now, sufficiently well-equipped characters in Dalaran for PuG raids are rejected because they do not reach certain (exaggerated) Gearscore values. With Ulduar, the requirements will become noticeably tighter again. So get yourself one or the other upgrade and enchant or socket the stuff.

As far as alts go, especially in the first few weeks of Phase 2, we’re expecting a real run for Northrend Dungeons’ new Titan Rune mode. If you want to equip your secondary characters efficiently (read: with little effort) with epics (without these items having to meet the highest standards), you shouldn’t miss this gold-digger mood phase.

Don’t forget your professions when preparing! Phase 2 will be more expensive than phase 1 in terms of raid costs. The more you can equip the main character with consumables, enchantments, jewels, etc. yourself through twinks, the better for your gold bag.

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