4 things Sony could improve PS Plus on PS4 and PS5

4 things Sony could improve PS Plus on PS4 and PS5

Sony has thoroughly revised PS Plus in June 2022. But not everything is perfect. In the article, you’ll find a handful of ways that PS Plus could improve in the future.

In June 2022, Sony thoroughly revised its PS Plus subscription model. Instead of PS Plus and PS Now, there is now only PS Plus, which is offered in three stages:

  • PS Plus Essential corresponds to the old subscription model, unlocks multiplayer modes and includes 3 games per month at no additional cost.
  • PS Plus Extra also offers access to around 400 games that you can play on the PS4 and PS5. You don’t have to pay anything extra apart from the subscription.
  • With PS Plus Premium you also get access to classics from Sony. On top of that, you can stream both the classics and the entire PS4 library.

For many gamers, the new subscription is a worthwhile addition to PS4 and PS5, but there are still ways Sony could further improve PS Plus and make it more accessible for gamers.

You can find a direct comparison of all 3 subscriptions in the following article:

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Make PS3 games downloadable

What is the problem? If you subscribe to the most expensive subscription level, PS Plus Premium, you get access to the so-called “Classics Catalog” from Sony. This is a collection of old games that were released for the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP back then. However, the PS3 games can only be played via the cloud and this requires a fast internet connection.

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What would be an improvement? On the one hand, being able to install the PS3 games directly on your own PS4 or PS5 would improve the situation for players who do not have a fast internet connection. To the

However, there could still be a problem: emulating PS3 titles requires a lot of power. And that could even overwhelm the PlayStation 5, Digital Foundry notes in a video (via gamepro.de).

Free DLCs for PS Plus subscribers

What is the problem? Both PS Plus Essential and higher tiers give you access to free games as long as you have an active subscription. However, the DLCs for the games are often not included, you have to buy them for the free game. This can sometimes cost a lot of money, since some “season passes” cost 30 euros.

What would be an improvement? Sony could immediately offer the full edition for certain games. That would make the premium subscription more palatable for users who are interested in the games but don’t want to do without important DLCs.

DualSense Edge – Trailer for the PS5 Pro Controller

Make PS Plus more accessible

What is the problem? The range of PS Plus games is renewed every month, which means that some games are no longer available, and new ones are added. In the Essential subscription there are three free games every month, which are swapped again the next month.

Overall, this is very confusing, because Sony itself indirectly points out on the offer page in the shop that the free games are expiring, or that games from the extra or premium subscription are about to disappear.

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Subscribers have long been demanding more attention to games going out of subscription. Some players were surprised when the action RPG Greedfall disappeared from the subscription (via thegamer.com).

What would be an improvement? For example, Sony could remind players that a month’s free games on the Essential subscription are about to expire.

Sony could also advertise more on its consoles that certain games will soon be leaving the PS Plus subscription, such as Persona 5 from the PS Plus Collection, as many players miss out on good opportunities in this way. That would also be a good service for players.

Greedfall disappeared from PS Plus and had caused trouble among subscribers.

Improve design on PS4

What is the problem? Hardware Editor Chris Werian portrays on the GameProthat PS Plus’s packaging on PS4 was “terribly convoluted” and would do little to help. The tile for PS Plus doesn’t stay in place like it does on the PS5, it’s constantly shifting.

Each menu looks different on the PS4, although much the same functionality lies behind the menus.

What would be an improvement? Sony could orientate itself on the clearly designed menu of the PS5 on the PS4 and make the PS Plus tile in the menu static. Then you no longer have to search through the menu until you have found the right entry.

More information about PS Plus: Are you looking for more information about PS Plus? Then look at the following article. Here we present you with a large overview of all games from PS Plus:

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