Crash Team Rumble: New Crash Bandicoot becomes team-based multiplayer

Crash Team Rumble

Already in advance of Game Awards 2022 was the Announcing a new part from the Crash Bandicoot universe highly traded – also because the information in the social networks increased.

And indeed: Crash Team Rumble is under the auspices of Activision from Toys for Bob developed and intended already in the coming year come on the market. in one announcement trailer there are the first pictures and information about the new crash title.

That’s what Crash Team Rumble is all about

“Crash Team Rumble” is supposed to be a team-based online multiplayer game where players can take on the roles of Crash, Dingodile, and other heroes and villains from the Crash universe, all in one Four-character team versus team action to compete against each other.

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The respective personalities, strengths and weaknesses of each character allow different playing styles and strategies. On the official home page is it[called:

Each hero has unique skills and abilities that they can use strategically to work together to defeat the opposing team, defend their own Wumpa Bank, and capture key points on the map to help their team.”

The fights should be in different arenas applied, each with its own characteristics. the goal is as many wumpa fruits as possible to accumulate in the Activision blog the gameplay is described as follows:

Players slide, smash, bump, and smash their way to victory against the other teams to deposit the most Wumpa Fruit in their team’s bank.”

When and for which platforms is Crash Team Rumble coming?

There is no exact release date yet. However, it is already known that “Crash Team Rumble” 2023 for PlayStation 4&5, as well as for Xbox One & Series X/S should appear. In addition, it should cross platform and in different levels of difficulty be playable.

This should allay the fears of some fans that the new crash game will not be available for Sony systems. Activision recently became namely taken over by Microsoftleading to speculation that Crash Team Rumble could become an Xbox exclusive.

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