Crime Boss – Rockay City: Celebrity Squad in New Crime Shooter – News

Crime Boss - Rockay City: Celebrity Squad in New Crime Shooter - News

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if Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Michael Rookner, Danny Trejo and Chuck Norris appear together in a game, then it can only be an action-packed story from the criminal underground of a city of millions. In Crime Boss – Rockay CityMichael Madsen as the protagonist Travis Baker tries to get to the top of Rockay City’s criminal underground after the previous boss’s throne has been vacated by his downfall.

Crime Boss – Rockay City is brought out by the Italian publisher 505 Games, which among other things also Ghostrunner, Red Solstice 2 – Survivorsas well as the PC version of Death Stranding expelled. The shooter is reminiscent of the presentation and gameplay trailer GTAseries as well pay day 2. One thing these titles have in common could be large-scale raids: The trailer also shows how heavy police units approach in the event of an attack and the characters flee with backpacks. Czech developer Ingame Studios plans to release Crime Boss – Rockay City in March next year on the Epic Games Store. A version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will follow at a later date.

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