Dead Cells brings Castlevania back as DLC

Dead Cells_Return to Castlevania

For fans of Castlevania could it be the message par excellence: “Castlevania is back!” If there wasn’t a little catch. That’s it for now not a new, standalone game meant to the legacy of Belmont. Rather will Return to Castlevania an expansion of the roguelike metroidvania game Dead Cells be.

During the Game Awards 2022 quit Motion Twin and Evil Empire the fifth expansion for “Dead Cells” for the first quarter of 2023 with an animated trailer.

What is Return to Castlevania about?

“Return to Castlevania” is supposed to be strongly on the original games of konami orientate and a “Homage to one of, if not THE, greatest inspirations for Dead Cells” be like Matt Houghton, Marketing Manager of Evil Empire im PlaySation Blog reveals.

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You step into the great footsteps of the legendary Belmont clan with the aim of defeating Count Dracula. You get it Support of Judges Belmont and Alucard, which provide you with weapons, among other things. Counting in the best Castlevania fashion the vampire killer, the battle cross, holy water and more legendary weapons to.

But before you even go into the creepy castle, you first have to explore the no less horrifying outdoor area of ​​Dracula’s hostel, where already familiar enemies from the Castlevania series.

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Summarized: you fight yourselves “From the foot of Count Dracula’s castle to his throne room at the top of the monstrous structure, through two levels of fearsome hordes of monsters.”

Price, release and extras of the Dead Cells DLC

What would a good game be without a soundtrack? In addition to 51 of the original Castlevania tunes, which are accessible throughout the game, the 12 most popular tracks for each level reinterpreted.

The release of Return to Castlevania is for that 1st quarter 2023 for consoles and PC planned. The extension is priced with $9.99 to book. That’s a little more than the usual $4.99. However, since the DLC is the largest expansion so far and includes the Castlevania brand, the price is justified.

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