GG User Advent Calendar 2022: The 12th door is available – News

GG user advent calendar 2022: first door available - News

24 doors. 24 surprises.


For the fifth time, 24 little surprises await you with the GG user advent calendar, all of which come from the community and are therefore different.

This content would not be financially viable without the premium users. But we urgently need more supporters: You can help too!

From now on you can choose it fifth GamersGlobal community advent calendar available, the first door of which can be opened from today. New content will be presented to you every day until December 24th, so that numerous small surprises await you (due to the volume of submissions there will be several content per door). Of course, we will not indicate at this point what content is involved. However, rest assured that we have tried again to offer you as much variety as possible.
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Since the calendar is not integrated into the GamersGlobal system, it is not possible to comment on or track the individual door content directly. For this purpose, you can use the comment function below this news – the participating users will certainly be happy to hear requests to speak – which is always linked in the same place in the calendar, so that you can easily switch to the respective content if necessary.

As usual, in a door view you can jump directly to the door before or after it (if it’s already available, of course… but who opens a door whose date hasn’t even been reached yet…). Please note that you need an up-to-date browser and should allow JavaScript in order to be able to view the calendar and its content as intended.

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As always, a big “thank you!” to all participants who took the time to contribute content to this community project and thus provided plenty of variety. You can find out which users are involved in detail behind each door, including a link to the GG account and at the end of the campaign, in which all content is summarized and linked.

Have fun opening a door every day and browsing content that is already accessible!