in one of the best games on steam you’re looking at… ducks

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It’s actually no longer unusual if some games with unusual ideas appear in the online shop on Steam and even receive positive reviews. A current case is then worth a closer look, because after all it is one the currently best rated title. However, it is not a pompously staged AAA production, but a quirky indie game – with plastic ducks.

This wacky simulation is taking Steam by storm

We’re talking about Placid Plastic Duck Simulator from Turbolento Games. The game was launched in the summer of this year, but is only now causing concern for greater attention. This is not (only) due to the bizarre basic idea of ​​the simulation, but above all to the numerous good reviews on the part of buyers. The game can currently do incredible things 99 percent positive reviews and is one of the best rated games on Steam. Only recently it was still at 98 percent, but the trend had continued to rise in the past few days.