LoL: What are Eternals? Everything about the big progression system “Eternals”

LoL: What are Eternals?  Everything about the big progression system "Eternals"

In an update, League of Legends released a new progression system in 2020. These are “the Eternals” (Eternals) that show you special achievements and statistics for individual champions.

What are Eternals?

The Eternals show you special achievements that you can achieve with your champions. These are divided into different types.

What types of Eternals are there?

There are two kinds:
– Common Eternals document general game content like kills or destroyed buildings.
– Unique Eternals, on the other hand, have special achievements tailored to each champion. With Lee Sinn, for example, you have to do overhead kicks (jump at opponents and kick them backwards).

How do you get Eternals?

You can buy Eternals in different packages. Some are for the in-game currency Blue Essences, some for Riot Points, which you can buy for real money.

When will the Eternals appear?

The innovation was released with patch 10.5 on March 4, 2020.

The article was last updated on November 28, 2022. Because patch 12.22 released a new wave of Eternals that you can unlock again.

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Buy and unlock Eternals

What do Enternals cost? The Eternals were initially available in a first edition and in a 1st edition. You can either buy them individually per champion or in a bundle:

  • The Launch Edition Pass will cost 2,500 Blue Essences or 225 RP per champion. The full package is available for 14,750 blue essences or 1,350 RP (about 10 euros).
  • Edition 1 will cost 600 RP per champion, or 5,850 RP (about $45) for the whole bundle.
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There is also the possibility to earn Eternal Capsules through ranked games. These contain shards that can be used to unlock the starting edition of individual champions.

A second edition has now been published.

This is what the Eternals look like in-game

What do the conditions contain? All editions come with three Eternals per champion, with Edition 1 guaranteed to come with three unique Eternals. However, this should be different for future sets.

The starting edition, on the other hand, always contains the three usual Eternals:

  • kills/assists
  • Destroyed buildings
  • Epic Monsters Killed (Herald, Dragon, Baron)

What unique Enternals are there? The list of unique Eternals is long. Each champion has three of these as of this writing. For example, as Vladimir you must:

  • Hit multiple (2+) enemy champions with Blood Plague (R).
  • Use Transfusions (Q) boosted by Crimson Rush (QP) against enemies.
  • Dodge skillshots with Pool of Blood (W).

You can find a complete list of all unique Eternals in this PDF.

This is what your achievements look like in the loading screen

Milestones and Rewards

What rewards do the Eternals bring? Completing achievements earns you milestones. These milestones come with various rewards:

  • Personal bests are recorded for reaching 5 milestones. If you beat any of them, this will be shared in-game with all players.
  • Reaching 15 milestones will boost your mastery emote for the first time. This emote will be expanded with further achievements.
  • Also, your achievements will be displayed on the home screen (as in the image above).

So the Eternals offer many new tasks and achievements that you can earn. Will they motivate you in the long run?

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