MoMoCa 12/12/22: Case number GG unresolved – News

Photo by Hagen Gehritz

Hagen Gehritz 122456 EXP – Editor, R9, S10, A9, J10
December 12, 2022 – 11:03 am — Last updated 2 hours ago


Ramona and Hagen start the week with a buoyant dog story, pen-and-paper digressions and a threatening nemesis.

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On this Monday morning after the third Advent, Ramona and Hagen are not sluggish from the Christmas chocolate coma, but start the morning briskly in a week in which there is plenty of work that remains behind the scenes for the time being. But of course there’s still time for a Molly anecdote from the weekend, a look at the content coming this week on GamersGlobal and last but not least the answers to your user questions.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 00:35 Greetings from Ramona and Hagen
  • 01:05 We say thank you for five shiny balls on the fir tree Christmas campaign 2022 within the first week.
  • 02:57 Molly surprised Ramona with her obstinacy at the weekend and Hagen finds out what’s been stirring up the local news in Schwandorf…
  • 06:40 … Hagen again has the village of Resident Evil Village visited – but now in third-person view.
  • 07:36 The GG week in preview: Hagen makes the before and after comparison with the next-gen version of The Witcher 3Ramona heals zombies in Zombie CureLabJörg tactics the implementation of the complex board game in a quarter of an hour Labyrinth – The War on Terrorthe first Nemesis video of the 2022 Christmas campaign exanima is coming up and a WoSchCa will end the week.
  • 11:19 The user questions opened Rowert: Which pen-and-paper systems has Ramona played and does she do it more live at the table or online?
  • 18:00 Interested in whether we have special games for the holidays Sir MacRand
  • 20:14 vgamer85 addresses Hagen with the resolution question regarding his RTX 3070
  • 21:26 Claus raises the question: Do you still need a sound card today?
  • 23:06 Finally, we recommend taking a look behind the doors of the user advent calendar
  • 24:47 Thanks for listening and see you next time!
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