Overwatch 2: You can now earn free Overwatch Coins at Microsoft

Overwatch 2: You can now earn free Overwatch Coins at Microsoft

In the meantime, everything has leveled off with Overwatch 2 as well. The player base is there and Blizzard is providing it with all sorts of updates and events. An interesting cooperation with Microsoft is now added.

How to get free Overwatch Gold

Starred by Microsoft, this event aims to offer you a new way to get Overwatch Coins for free. With this in-game currency, which you would otherwise have to buy for real money, you can buy cosmetic items such as skins, which are known to be not exactly cheap in Overwatch 2.

By completing various tasks, Overwatch 2 players will earn Microsoft Points, which they can then redeem for Overwatch Coins. According to Microsoft you get points by buying games, reaching certain goals or taking part in surveys.

So far, it is otherwise only possible to get the coins for free by completing the weekly missions in Overwatch 2. The currency is capped, you can only earn up to 60 coins per week. And the weekly missions are rarely done quickly.

After all, Microsoft is now offering you the option of getting the coveted coins without spending any money for a short time.

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There’s still more to get

But that’s not all, because within this collaboration there are also a lot of others to win prizes.

The collaboration also brings with it a new, exclusive Xbox Series X bundle. The large next-gen console from Xbox is offered in the Ramattra design – together with a matching controller. You cannot buy this set, you can only win it by participating in a raffle.

Redeeming the points and entering the competition for the new Ramattra-style Xbox bundle is only possible if you are signed in with your Microsoft account.