[PLUS] Geforce RTX 4080: Three manufacturer cards against the Founders Edition in the first test

[PLUS] Geforce RTX 4080: Three manufacturer cards against the Founders Edition in the first test

Custom designs versus Founders Edition

On the previous pages you learned how Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 4080 Founders Edition behaves. However, most PC gamers use a custom design from the board partner – for a variety of reasons. Three manufacturer variants based on the Geforce RTX 4080 16GB have already reached the PCGH test laboratory and passed an extensive, albeit ungraded, test.

Nothing fundamental has changed in terms of the requirements compared to the previous high-end graphics cards of 2022 around the Geforce RTX 4090, RTX 3090 Ti and Radeon RX 6950 XT. If you plan to buy such a device, in addition to the necessary small change, a draft in the case is important, because the power consumption under full load corresponds 1:1 to waste heat. The good news is that a Geforce RTX 4080 generates around 100 watts less waste heat than an RTX 4090 in most gaming scenarios – but a good 300 watts also have to be removed from the case to avoid heat build-up. This is reflected in increased noise from all actively cooled components in the PC and a loss of performance, since modern graphics chips and processors try to contain the heat by throttling. Most graphics cards distribute the warm air in the case, with most of it going upwards – with Nvidia’s Founders Edition even targeted through the sucking rear fan. Ideally, the ventilation concept in your case follows this idea, but a horizontally directed draft is also, in the truest sense of the word, expedient.

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You will find the following products in the test:

  • Palit RTX 4080 Game Rock OC
  • Gigabyte RTX 4080 Gaming OC
  • Zotac RTX 4080 AMP Extreme Airo
  • Nvidia RTX 4080 Founders Edition

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