Pokémon Crimson & Crimson: Here you will find all 32 piles

Pokémon Crimson & Crimson: Here you will find all 32 piles

On your journey through the open world of Pokémon Crimson & Crimson you surely will at some point mysterious stakes discover. Total there 32 of these objects, which are scattered throughout the game world. In this guide we will tell you where you can find them and what they are all about.

What’s with the stakes?

At the beginning of your adventure, you probably will a mysterious seal notice that is blocking the entrance to a cave. As it turns out later, are the stakes associated with this seal or with the seals, because there are in the Paldea region four pieces in total.

Each seal has eight stakes, which in turn are divided into four colors:

  • Blue: Dark Flame Shrine
  • Yellow: Shrine of the Ice Divided
  • Green: Shrine of the Blighted Earth
  • Purple: Shrine of Rotten Wood

But what is the purpose of these stakes? Behind each seal is a legendary Pokemon. If you remove the stakes, you will destroy the seal and you can compete against the Pokémon to catch them. They are all up level 60 and accordingly quite hard chunks.

Where are the 32 stakes in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson?

Let’s start with the blue stakes: For this you have to go to the north of the Paldea region. You can discover two stakes in the northern zone 1. Number one is near the sea north of the town of Frigomonta. East of Frigomonta you can find pole number two.

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A total of four stakes are in North Zone 2! One is stuck near the sea at Fermanca City. For the next one you have to walk a little bit. At the outer edge of the area you will find a ruin with the stake. In the north-east of the area, by a Pokémon Center, is the next post. Three are still missing.

Here are the locations of all Mystery Stakes in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson © The Pokémon Company/PlayCentral

At the plateau of Smear Grove area a stake is scattered. To the west of this area you will find another pole on the edge of the mountain range marked in blue. In the mountains between Northern Zone 1 and 2 you will find the last blue pole. The shrine can be found in the south of North Zone 2 near a Pokémon Center.

Let’s continue with the Yellow Stakes: You can use the first three posts in the Southern Zone 6 Find. Number one is northeast of Asarilla, number two east of Asarilla near a waterfall and number three north of Asarilla near the sea.

There are three more Yellow Stakes in the Western Zone 1. The first is near a Pokémon Center near the sea. For the next post you only have to go a little further and that to ruins that are in the Shape of a Pokeball are arranged. You can take the last post in this corner southwest of Garrafosa CitLocate y near another ruin.

A Yellow Stake is hidden behind the Garrafosa City Arena © The Pokémon Company/PlayCentral

Speaking of Garrafosa City: A little way behind the Arena am Wasser is the seventh yellow pole. He is well hidden behind a tree. The eighth post you can in the Southern Zone 2 south of Garrafosa City. You will find the shrine again near the sea Southern Zone 6.

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Let’s continue with the Green Stakes: You can use the first three posts in the Western Zone 2 Find. One is north of sizzling desert in a cave. Number two is just a short distance away, northeast on the other side of the cave. Number three is in the north of Puerto Marinedo. You can then go to the West Zone 3 look around where there are two stakes.

in the Northeast of Mesclarra you will find the next post. Another is located northwest of Frigomonta, more precisely high up on a snowy mountain. The still missing green stakes are at Caldero Lake scattered. Two are hidden on small islands in the lake and the last one is northwest on the coast. You can find the shrine north of the lake by the mountains.

A Purple Stake awaits you near Mesalona City © The Pokémon Company/PlayCentral

Now only the eight purple stakes are missing. These are a bit scattered. You can find one southwest of Bolardin found at the top of a hill. Then it goes further Pratolido, from which you can see the next pole to the north-east. In the Southern Zone 1, at the Pokémon Center just outside of Mesalona City, you can track down another Purple Stake. There is another stake in the zone for which you have something outside of civilization have to look around in the wilderness.

Now let’s work our way through them a bit Southern Zones: In zone 3 is a pole south of Mesalona City on top of a hill. Near the lake at Pratolido in zone 4 is another stake. Northeast of Pratolido in zone 5 you can find another stake.

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The last purple stake is northwest of Bolardin perched on top of a mountain. The corresponding shrine can be found in the Southern Zone 1, almost bordering on Southern Zone 5 between some small lakes. With that you have all 32 posts Found in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson! If you want more tips on the open world adventure, feel free to check them out our guides.

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“Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” are since November 18, 2022 available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.