Pokémon GO: There are new clues about the invisible Pokémon that players have wanted for years

Pokémon GO: There are new clues about the invisible Pokémon that players have wanted for years

Furthermore, there is no trace of Kecleon in Pokémon GO. But a new Dataminer find suggests that that could soon change.

This Pokemon is about: It’s such a never-ending story with the chameleon monster Kecleon. It’s the last Hoenn region monster that hasn’t appeared in Pokémon GO yet – and the first Generation 3 monsters were introduced back in 2017, after all.

Kecleon, on the other hand, is still not found in Pokémon GO. While that fits his main-game ability to stealth and be virtually invisible, trainers still wish they could finally complete their Hoenn Pokédex. But Niantic is taking its time with the release and said last year that they wanted to think about something special about the Kecleon release.

The Hoenn Tour for Pokémon GO was recently announced, which the community sees as a good possible release date for Kecleon. In addition, the dataminers from the “PokeMiners” have now found new clues that seem to point to Kecleon.

Dataminers find new clues about stealth Pokémon

Dataminers found: In a new update, the “Pokeminers” not only show hints of a possible new winter map in Pokémon GO, but also various designations that are supposed to revolve around a “Camo Pokémon” – i.e. a “camouflage Pokémon” (via pokeminers.com).

In addition, a new encounter is said to have been added in which the Pokémon becomes invisible. This is called “Transparent Encounter” and is supposed to mean that the Pokémon in question is first seen, then disappears and is only visible when it attacks.

That would fit Kecleon’s special camouflage abilities, the Pokeminers emphasize – and the timing could also come in preparation for the Hoenn tour in February 2023.

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But whether it’s actually about Kecleon – and whether it will end up in the game soon – remains to be seen for the time being.

After all, data mining is a matter of leaks, not official information. It is unclear whether and when the data will be used in this form. At the same time, leaks from the Pokeminers in the past have often given a fairly reliable forecast of what might be in store for Pokemon GO in the future.

What do you think of the new clues? Do you think Kecleon will be in the game anytime soon? Or rather not? Tell us in the comments!

While Kecleon is still uncertain, the most important events in December at Pokémon GO are already clear – you can find them here.