Steam game has 98% positive ratings, costs €2 and you can’t actually play it

Steam game has 98% positive ratings, costs €2 and you can't actually play it

On Steam, the game “Placid Plastic Duck Simulator” inspires its players and has 98% good reviews. You can actually only watch rubber ducks swimming in the game.

How does the gameplay look in Placid Plastic Duck simulator out? In a 3D environment, you can watch rubber ducks bobbing around on the water. This is the only gameplay content in the game. You can also move the camera, take screenshots and turn the in-game music on and off.

There is a duck meter at the top right of the screen, when it is full you get another rubber ducky thrown into the water. The ducks have different gadgets and designs, such as a propeller hat, a skeleton design or a tiger pattern. You can make the ducks croak by clicking on them.

Here you can see the release trailer for the game:

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

How do players rate Placid Plastic Duck simulator? A total of 98% of the 3,547 reviews are good. The game is doing extremely well on Steam (December 12, 2022, via Steam). The players write in the reviews that the game makes them very relaxed:

  • Luke: “Peace of mind. Pure peace of mind”.
  • Soul Runner: “You need ducks in your life even if you think you don’t, like I do. This game proves that everyone needs ducks in their life.
  • thesageofthyme: “I’m really obsessed. I work from home and I love running the ducks on my second monitor. It’s like my own little pond. 10/10, more ducks please”.
  • SAS: “Game: Totally pointless, Achievements: Very easy 100%, Conclusion: I love my ducks! 10/10″.
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However, some note that this is less of a game and more of a screensaver.

How much is Placid Plastic Duck simulator? You can get the game for €1.99 on Steam. The game even has a DLC called Ducks, Please for €1.59. On December 15, 2022 further additional content is to come with the DLC “Quacking the Ice” (as of December 12, 2022).

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