Steam indie hit Dwarf Fortress: Important patch, huge sales success

Steam hope Dwarf Fortress: Great news shortly before release

from Thilo Bayer
The long development time for the revised Steam version of Dwarf Fortress has paid off. The sales plans for the first two months were met in less than 24 hours. An important patch has been released for existing problems.

One or the other PCGH reader should also have lost himself in the game world of the Steam indie hit Dwarf Fortress. Since Steam release on December 6th. a lot happened.

Important patch for the dwarves

Probably the most important message: With patch 50.02 many causes of the crash are said to have been eliminated. The hotfix is ​​mainly intended to fix the identified problems with widescreen format. Before the patch it was recommended to run Dwarf Fortress in 1920×1080 natively or in windowed mode. The patch changed the UI pixel width init option to a percentage to fix many of the existing widescreen menu issues. Also fixed is the crash of compressed menu lists (e.g. when assigning a workshop) with widescreen default settings.

More changes due to patch 50.02

  • Fishing no longer greatly increased the unrest of creatures in the wild (the general unrest level in old saves was set to zero)
  • Improved images for planned walls, floors and attachments
  • Doors, hatches, chests and other containers have been updated so that the pallets will affect handles and other addons if the mods so desire, but the default behavior is for these addons not to be palletized
  • Added missing images for occupied animal traps
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A larger patch that takes feedback from previous players into account will be tackled next.

Great achievements and outlook

Other than that, the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress is a resounding success. As the publisher announces, they actually wanted to reach the original target of 160,000 units sold after two months. The plan has now been achieved in less than 24 hours. Over the weekend, the number of concurrent players on Steam also continued to increase. were at the top over 28,000 simultaneous gamblers at the start, which is a new record for the indie game. Over 10,000 Steam reviews give a whopping 96 percent approval. Next up is Classic mode (“very soon”), Arena will follow “soon” and Adventure will come “much later” because there’s still so much to do here.