This Ubisoft game is finally coming to Steam too

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Steam users have had to use either the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect directly to purchase the latest Ubisoft titles like Anno 1800 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for the past few years. However, the publisher’s opinion of Valve’s hugely popular download platform has now seemingly changed, with more and more Ubisoft games making their way onto Steam. At the moment, users can purchase the already mentioned games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Anno 1800 without any problems, at the moment there is even a discount campaign for these titles.

Is Watch Dogs: Legion coming to Steam anytime soon?

However, these titles are far from over and another game from the publisher will probably be available on Steam soon. Watch Dogs 1 and 2 have been available here for a while, and its two predecessors could now be Watch Dogs: Legion, released in 2020 (buy now / €53.99 ) join. Again ResetEra user “Chairmanchuck” namely discovered, Ubisoft probably wants one Holding the Watch Dogs Franchise Sale on Steam. This supposedly started today at 4 p.m., but the discounts have not actually been applied yet, and there is also no trace of Watch Dogs: Legion.

The sale is definitely scheduled to last until December 19, 2022, and it would be odd if a “franchise sale” didn’t include the entire franchise. At the moment we have to wait until the campaign actually starts or until Ubisoft publishes an official statement regarding a Steam version of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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