WoW: From 60 to 70 in 33 minutes! Cost point: More than 3 million gold…

Monk abilities like Zen Pilgrimage, Paralysis, and Transcendence are often underestimated.  These skills are very useful.  We'll show you how to use them correctly!

from Philip Sattler
If you don’t feel like leveling in WoW, you can simply buy the experience points. And by that we don’t mean the boost offered by Blizzard. In this way, the unplayed streamer has now moved from level 60 to level 70 within a good half hour – and had to invest several million gold to do so.

For some players, the most enjoyable part of an MMO is the leveling process. For many, however, the game only really starts in the endgame. Fortunately, you can keep the way to the maximum level in WoW quite short if you don’t enjoy sprawling quests. Especially with alts, we have a lot of avenues to play the content we enjoy the most.

But that’s not enough for some and they would like to get started right away in the endgame. These players are always looking for the quickest way to get through the leveling. According to the streamer Unspiel, it has now set a new world record and made it from level 60 to 70 in just over half an hour. However, he had to invest a lot of gold for it.