WoW: New primordial storm event brings 385 items with set bonus and mount into play

WoW: New primordial storm event brings 385 items with set bonus and mount into play (1)

from Sebastian Glanzer
In WoW: Dragonflight the primordial storm event will start soon. These regular events in the Dragon Isles reward you with a resource upon completion, which you can exchange for gear and a mount.

On December 14th, not only will Season 1 and the first raid Vault of Incarnations of WoW start in Europe: Dragonflight, it will be that too Primalist Primal Storms event unlocked. In this new open world event, elemental storms occur and enemies in this zone are empowered.

Similar to the Dragonflight pre-event, anyone who takes part in the event will receive a resource that they can use to purchase equipment from a dealer. You can’t equip yourself with the primalist invasions quite as quickly as in the pre-event, but with a lot of diligence you can expect items with up to item level 385, which together even provide a set bonus. Below we show you everything you need to know about the primalist invasions in WoW (buy now ): Dragon Flight.

This is how primalist invasions (primal storms) run on the Dragon Isles

Similar to the Dragonflight Pre-Event, areas are marked on the Dragon Isles where mobs have been attacked by the primalists to be elementally fulfilled. Your task is simply to defeat as many mobs until the progress bar has filled to 100%. Then a boss appears. For defeating enemies and completing the invasion, you get elemental abundance, which you can purchase equipment for in Valdrakken. let bosses storm seal fall, for which there are correspondingly better items.

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WoW: New primordial storm event brings 385 items with set bonus and mount into play (1)

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The dealers for this are located at coordinates 37/36. At Mythressa you stock up on elemental abundance with 359 items. The dealer also has the pet Sturmi from the pre-event ready and will sell you the mount Stormhide Salamanther.

With the 359 item you can Rethelshi go and convert the item with 5 to 14 storm seals into an item level 385 piece of gear. The higher value items from the primalist invasions also have set bonuses.

The set bonuses of the Thunderstorm set

Shroud of Raging Thunderstorms.

2 parts: Increases your highest secondary stat by 226 points.
4 pieces: If you kill an opponent that grants experience or honor, you will receive a spark of the primal ones. Once you have five stacks, your next single target offensive ability will unleash a devastating elemental attack.
6 parts: Lethal damage causes primordial energy to overcharge, granting immunity to all damage and harmful effects for 8 seconds. Can only be used in the outdoor areas on the Dragon Islands.