WoW: Storm Valdrakken with 300 dogs – fantastic bug discovered!

WoW: Mythic Plus in Season 1 - Dungeons, Loot, Affixes (all info)

from Matthias Brueckle
A new expansion, a new bug that allows for an army of NPCs: with this trick, a huge pack of dog-like Jagdbakar has been a breeze for Rextroy. What happens if he attacks other players with it?

No one thinks WoW is bug free. And nobody thinks that WoW: Dragonflight is free of really weird bugs. And yet it’s funny how particular bugs in the Blizzard MMORPG’s code can still make us laugh. The latest example from bug expert Rextroy sheds light on this again. Namely, he found a way to recruit a small army of dog-like Bakar. For this he only has a paladin spell and the quest Member of the Pack second hand.