WoW: Windwalker Monk Guide – Dragonflight endgame at level 70

WoW: Mythic Plus in Season 1 - Dungeons, Loot, Affixes (all info)

Windwalkers offer high group damage, but also deal massive damage to individual targets. In our class guide to the Windrunner, we show you the best choice of talent and the raid style against individual targets. If you choose some other talents, you are also incredibly strong in Mythic Plus dungeons.

New expansion, new guide: In celebration of the Dragonflight release with its new talent trees, we’re overhauling our guides from the ground up. So that you have the most important information in the endgame in the meantime, there is a short version for level 70. In the course of Dragonflight, the guide to the Windwalker Monk at level 70 will be expanded to include other, more in-depth details.