29 years of Doom: John Romero is working on a new level

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Alfonso John Romero is considered one of the founding fathers of first-person shooters. The now 55-year-old American was the founder of the legendary game studio id Software involved in the development of great classics like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. He is still extremely popular within the fan scene and was one of the big stars in the computer game scene the 1990s. As part of a live broadcast on the streaming platform Twitch, he once again got creative and revealed his plans for a new, unofficial level for one of the great classics of the first-person shooter genre.

John Romero is streaming work on the new level for Doom 2

On the occasion of 29th anniversary of Doom, creator John Romero took pen and paper to create new content for one of his timeless classics. As part of his stream on Twitch, he demonstrated the way he uses a Levels for Doom 2 in honor of the first part of the shooter series from 1993.

Numerous players in the audience will have felt like they were transported back in time when, in the absence of digital Devices with touch screens It was still completely normal to write down your ideas in the form of sketches by hand using an analogue writing implement on a piece of pressed cellulose fiber fleece. And transferred precisely these sketches John Romero then streamed live into 3D models that, when put together, look like a classic level from the first two Doom games.

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Pure nostalgia: John Romero works live on Twitch on Doom 2

By the way, it’s not the first time that the founder of id Software is working on new, unofficial content for his old games. Already on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of Doom he announced new content with “Sigil”, which was then published.