Deadpool 3: Less brutal because of Disney? Director comments

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defeat $71 billion Was Disney worth acquiring the 21st Century Fox studio? A sum that somehow has to play its way back over the next few years. Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters worldwide this week. The sequel to the highest-grossing movie of all time is in the running for audience favor with positive reviews and stunning visuals. Another important building block for the acquisition of 21st Century Fox profitable, should be Marvel’s flagship anti-hero Deadpool be.

Deadpool 3: When does the new Marvel movie start filming?

With the theatrical release of Deadpool In 2016, Ryan Reynolds’ long-cherished dream came true. The way there was not easy for the Hollywood star, because it had to be heart project defend against much opposition in Hollywood. Knitting a blockbuster around an antihero was considered a costly gamble. Ryan Reynolds’ bravery was eventually rewarded with a terrific box office success.

After part 2 had also turned out to be a blockbuster, it was only a matter of time before the new leadership from Disney a third feature film would be made. When Ryan Reynolds finally announced that none other than Hugh Jackman would star in his iconic role as wolverine will be seen in Deadpool 3, the joy among fans was great and the hype kindled. The production of the third part will soon reach a milestone. According to director Shawn Levy, the filming begin in May 2023.

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Deadpool 3: Despite Disney, an R rating again?

The huge success of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 came despite one R ratings conditions. The age rating, which corresponds to “FSK from 18” in Germany, excludes one of the main target groups of superhero films: children, teenagers and young adults. In Germany, the Deadpool films are available from April 16 release. In contrast to an FSK from 12, in which even children from the age of 6 are allowed in the cinema accompanied by their parents, one also closes FSK 16 many potential moviegoers.