Fortnite: Open gifts in Winterfest 2022 – This is where the skins hide

Fortnite: Open gifts in Winterfest 2022 – This is where the skins hide

In Fortnite, Winterfest 2022 started with the “Lodge”. There are 14 gifts waiting for players to open in the Winter Cabin. But what’s in it?

How to find the gifts: After the new update, the winter festival has also arrived in Fortnite. If you now navigate to the right in the game’s main menu, you will find a new menu item that looks like a snowflake.

This snowflake leads to the “Lodge” – a winter hut where you can open various gifts and carry out actions.

  • There are 14 presents, and you can open another one with each additional day
    • In the past gifts did not expire. This time you can catch up on the opening until the end of the winter festival on January 3rd.
  • You can get extra XP at the campfire
  • There are also a few clickable items that trigger an animation but don’t bring gifts

A trailer has also been released to get you in the mood for Winterfest. It also shows the skins, “Arctic Adeline” and “Toboggan Fluff”.

Fortnite: Winterfest 2022 trailer

What’s inside the gifts in Fortnite Winterfest 2022?

This is in the gifts: You want to have certain rewards directly? Dataminer and Leaker have already shown which gifts are in which.

Spoilers: If you’d rather be surprised by the gifts, don’t read any further.

But if you want to know where exactly you can find which gift in the pile of packages, we’ll embed a video of the Leakers Hypex for you here. It already shows where which gifts are:

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You can get two skins:

  • The Arctic Adeline skin is in the left pile, in the large present on the far right
  • At the front of the “Fluff” skin you will find a small present with the “Toboggan Fluff” skin in it
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In the left heap you will also find:

  • The Hammer Sledgecracker
  • Seasons Guffings Spray
  • The Boom Gauble emoticon
  • The “Lil Prancer” emote where you ride a small wooden llama (gift in the middle)
  • The Slushy Sneak finish
  • The music pack “Rip & Tear 2016”, matching Doom (already looking out of the pack)
  • The “Har-Har-Har!” Glider (big gift back left)

In the right heap you will find:

  • The Contrails “Ribbon Trail”
  • The Music “When the Wind Blows”
  • The “Gringle Set” livery
  • The Back Bling “Fa-la-la-lamaa”
  • The glider “Wintry Whirligig”

What do you think of the gifts? Is there something for you? Tell us in the comments!

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