Grab this unusual 90-key UK mechanical keyboard for £42

Grab this unusual 90-key UK mechanical keyboard for £42

I’m a big fan of mechanical keyboards, so when I saw this unusual keyboard discounted on Amazon, I needed to write it up for RPS. The idea here is that it’s more or less a 60% size mechanical keyboard, but with two useful additions: arrow keys and a numpad. This makes it about the same size as a tenkeyless keyboard, but without the (lesser-used) navigation keys.

Combined with an asking price of £42, down from a usual price of £50, I think it’s well worth considering – whether you’re looking for an interesting mechanical keyboard for your growing collection (I see you there) or a first cheap mech to give the whole idea a try.

So what makes this keyboard good then, beyond the unusual (yet UK) layout and the cheap price? Well, it surprisingly comes with premium PBT keycaps in a rather fetching navy, white and orange colourway. These keycaps have a lovely slightly rough texture, which feels nice under the fingers, and it also doesn’t rub away through extended use – unlike more common ABS alternatives.

Beneath the keycaps, you get MX-style Red keycaps, offering a soft linear feel. It’s not silent – no mechanical keyboards really are – but it’s not a super clicky or clacky keyboard that will get you into trouble with your flat/work/mates, probably.

The keyboard also comes with multimedia keys, allowing you to control the volume or skip tracks. These are accessible via a Function key in the bottom right corner, and also provides access to various other missing keys like Print Screen, Numlock and so on.

Finally: Havit. This is a brand I’ve heard of, and indeed I’ve reviewed some of their mice and keyboards in the past. I was quite impressed with what they put together, and so while they don’t have the cachet of a Logitech or a SteelSeries, they are at least a dependable option – as the 426 positive reviews (4.3/5.0 rating overall) on Amazon for this particular keyboard certificate.

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