Huge Disney flop lands early on Disney Plus now

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With Strange World Disney has released a movie that, all in all, can be called a flop. After all, according to current forecasts, the film makes a loss of approx $100 million. Although the animated film was not released in German cinemas until the end of November, film fans in their home country can also watch the Disney flop before Christmas. Finally, it was announced that Strange World will be available from the December 23 on Disney Plus Will be available. How much interest there will ultimately be in this film given its lack of success on the big screen is another question. What is clear, however, is that this is one of the biggest pre-Christmas flops in recent Disney history. The website calls the film Comicbook Treasure Planet as an example, which at the time was also anything but convincing at the box office. The animated film released in 2002 failed with meager earnings from $16.6 million.

Strange World and the criticism

But not only in terms of finances, Strange World is not necessarily a success. Comicbook points out, for example, that the project has the lowest cinema score for a Disney animated film in three decades. The film is included on platforms such as Rotten Tomatoes 73 percent in the tomatometer and 67 percent in the audience score with a mediocre value. We have already reported about the points of criticism of the strip on our website.

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